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Mobile version

Our wallet combines account security with a very friendly user interface. The most important thing is that every process connected with your personal data happens entirely on your device. It is a necessary point that needs to be done to make your use as private as possible. The main idea is that no one can access your mnemonic except for you because your private key is not created on servers, it is created on your device. It is about security.

And how about use? Our wallet meets the needs of both beginners and advanced users. You can store BTC and ETH in one place, as well as also keep your tokens here. Lumi has an intuitive interface and allows you to do many things with only one or two clicks.

Web version

The web version should not be less secure, should it? Our web version is as private as our mobile one. We encrypted your private key and only you can access it. Everything happens automatically without the need of any third party. Of course, it is kept on our servers but can be accessed by the owner on the side of the client. So, only you have access to your private key.

Lumi team

Our team is always ready for new ideas and suggestions. We are absolutely customer focused that’s why we always improve our wallet and add more useful options. We appreciate when you leave your feedback and always ready to help if you have any questions.