How to Buy Bitcoin

If you’re still relatively new to crypto, the crucial issue that you’re probably facing right now is how to buy Bitcoin. To tell you the truth: it’s easy. Once you’ve done it, you won’t have to think twice the next time.

Why is that safe to buy bitcoins with credit card in Lumi Wallet?

Lumi has Hierarchical deterministic structure, it can only be entered using a 12-word mnemonic phrase, which is in sole posession of the user. The key of Lumi's security is transparency: we do not require any personal information for registration or transactions - your privacy is our priority number one.

How to buy Bitcoin with credit card (USD, EUR)

Looking for ways to buy BTC with a credit card? With Lumi Wallet, it’s fast and easy!

Finish the deal in several easy steps:

  1. Open your Lumi Wallet app
  2. Tap on the ‘Buy’ icon at the bottom
  3. Choose the correct amount
  4. Fill in your credit card details
  5. Confirm the transaction to buy Bitcoin

The fiat/crypto exchange is powered by Simplex.

We accept

How to buy Bitcoin with tokens

Use the tokens that you already have to buy Bitcoin instantly.

  1. Download the Lumi Wallet app
  2. Import your existing wallet via mnemonic
  3. Go to the ‘Exchange’ section, put in the desired amount of tokens you want to sell, and confirm the transaction

How to buy BTC with other coins

Got some spare coins that you want to trade for Bitcoin? Not a problem! In Lumi Wallet, you can buy Bitcoin with ETH, EOS, and BCH as well.

What else can you do with your Bitcoin in Lumi Wallet?

Sell Bitcoin

Does it look like the right time to sell your Bitcoin assets? No need to look for middlemen, just sell your crypto directly in Lumi Wallet.

Exchange and invest Bitcoin

There are many promising projects with tokens you can invest in. Use Lumi Wallet to exchange BTC to ERC20 as well as other available coins.

Send and gift Bitcoin

Send Bitcoin to your friends and be certain they will get it fast and in one piece.

Hold Bitcoin

Not ready to do anything with your Bitcoin yet? Hodling pays off! Invest long-term and keep your BTC in Lumi Wallet.