Lumi Collect

App for collectibles
and ERC721 tokens

  • 1000+

    dApps supported
  • 100K+

Keep all your ERC721 tokens in one place. Lumi Collect supports and displays a wide range of crypto collectibles from your favorite characters to various in-game items as well as crypto art.
Crypto Games
Play a number of blockchain-based games on your mobile device. CryptoKitties, Blockchain Cuties, Marble Cards, My Crypto Heroes, and many other games are easily accessible via the in-app browser.
Security & Anonymity
Private keys always stay under the client’s control and never leave the device. You don’t need to provide any information to create a wallet and it’s completely ads free. We don’t track or collect any of your data.
  • Play games
  • Search for collectibles
  • Send & Receive
  • Browse the web
Lumi Wallet app
Lumi Wallet app

Play games

Join the blockchain gaming movement and use Lumi Collect to play hundreds of Ethereum-based games. Send your characters on adventures, upgrade their ammunition, and collect crypto-art whenever and wherever you are.

Lumi Wallet app

Search for collectibles

There is no such thing as too many collectibles. Lumi Collect has partnered with OpenSea, one of the biggest marketplaces for non-fungibles, so you could have an extended choice of options. And you don’t need to leave the app to make a purchase.

Lumi Wallet app

Send & Receive

Surprise your friends with unusual crypto gifts and use our wallet to receive collectibles yourself. Lumi Collect makes sure your transactions are fast and secure. You can also trade your collectibles by opening offers on the ones that you own at OpenSea.

Lumi Wallet app

Browse the web

Lumi Collect is equipped with an in-app browser that works similar to any other browser and you can use it to surf the web. It also allows you to interact with dapps and execute Ethereum transactions.

Experience the best app for all your collectibles