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What can Lumi do?

  • Send and receive Bitcoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and tokens
  • Recover your wallet by importing a 12-word backup phrase
  • Show the value of your current funds in both USD and crypto
  • Show details of all of your ingoing/outgoing transactions
  • Show BTC, BCH, ETH and all supported tokens market price graphs
  • Use your device's camera to scan addresses in QR code
  • Protect your funds with PIN or Touch/Face ID

Which platforms supports Lumi?

Currently Lumi wallet is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. And you can also open your wallet in web interface.

What information can I see in the transaction details?

if you tap to one of the transactions you can see:

  • The amount sent or received both in crypto and USD
  • Fees associated with the transaction
  • Date and time of the transaction
  • Confirmation status
  • Send and receive address
  • Transaction hash
  • Link to your transaction on Blockchain.info or Etherscan.io

What tokens are supported in Lumi?

Currently we support the following list:

  • Eos (EOS)
  • Tronix (TRX)
  • Populous (PPT)
  • Loopring (LRS)
  • EthBits (ETBS)
  • VeChain (VEN)
  • ICON (ICX)
  • OmiseGO (OMG)
  • Binance (BNB)
  • StatusNetwork (SNT)
  • Bitcoin cash (BCH)
  • Block Collider (EMB)
  • Aeron (ARN)
  • Atlant (ATL)
  • Dentacoin (DCN)
  • Daneel (DAN)

And many more are yet to be added!

Do you provide any public source?

No, Lumi is not open source yet because it takes time. At the moment, all our forces are aimed at pumping up the wallet features but later we will release a part of the source code.

Is Lumi an HD wallet?

Yes, Lumi is an HD (or "hierarchical deterministic") wallet. That means a new, unique address will be generated every time you send or receive funds, which makes your transactions harder to track, keeping your financial business yours. There’s no need to back up each address separately, all of them can always be restored using your wallet’s 12-word mnemonic phrase. All addresses generated from the same wallet can be used to receive funds, and all funds sent to any of these addresses will show up in your balance. The balance you see on your main wallet screens represent the total sum between those addresses.

The previous version Lumi Lite is not HD. While that's simpler, address reuse undermines your privacy. We recommend you to use Lumi HD.

Getting started

How to receive coins in Lumi?

In order to receive coins from any other address you should provide your public address to the sender. To do so, you need to tap the “receive” button.

There you will see a QR code which you can show to the sender if they have a QR scanner. Otherwise you can copy the address by tapping on it. You also can tap “share” to send your public address via other applications such as “Mail”, “WhatsApp”, and others.

You also can specify the exact amount that you want to receive by clicking “Add Amount” but it works only with a QR scanner.

How to send coins in Lumi?

To send BTC or ETH you can either directly open the QR code scanner or tap “Send” and paste an address where you would like to send your bitcoins. Pay a lot of attention to the correctness of the receiving address and never type it manually due to the high risk of making a mistake! Always double-check the address you are going to send bitcoins to because in case you send coins to the wrong address you will not be able to cancel the transaction or request a refund.

Then you click “Next”. You will arrive at the screen where you can specify the amount you would like to send. You can type the amount of necessary Crypto Assets or in USD (it will calculate the amount in chosen coin/token based on the current exchange rate).

The transaction fee is calculated automatically or you can customize it manually. We suggest that you select the recommended fee amount, as it is balanced by speed and cost.

How to add or change your PIN code?

At the first launch of the Lumi application you will be obliged to set a PIN code. We do so in order to protect your funds. We do not require any other registration, and the PIN code is the only way to protect your wallet from any unwelcome quests.

If you would like to change your PIN code you need to go to the sidebar and select “Change PIN”. Then you enter your current PIN and after the new PIN twice.

Can I access my wallet with Touch ID?

Yes, you can. You should switch on Touch/Face ID in sidebar.

Can I access my wallet with Face ID?

Yes, you can. You should switch on Touch/Face ID in sidebar.

“Client-side wallet”. What does it mean?

Client-side wallet allows you to be sure in security of your funds. How does it work? Users always control their keys and Lumi neither holds, nor has the ability to access them. Means, we do not keep your keys on or servers only you and your device hold it. It guarantees you security because there is no third party only a client and a private key.

What is private key?

Private key sign each your transaction. As Lumi is a client-side wallet the transaction is fully conducted within your digital wallet and is signed by your private key. Private key has an information that the transaction is conducted by you. No third party can be accessed to your private key that’s why all transaction from your wallet will be identified as yours thanks to this private key.

Security and Backup

How can I get my 12-word Backup Phrase?

Go to the sidebar Backup wallet. You will see 12 words one by one. Write a copy of each of these words carefully. Then you will be required to retype all 12 words in order to check the correctness of your backup. Store your copy of these 12 words (mnemonic) in a very safe and secure place and never give it to anyone you don’t want to have access to your funds.

Never switch your wallet without having a Backup. The only way to get access to your funds is with your 12-word Backup Phrase.

Why do you ask me to write down my Backup Phrase before switching the wallet?

We ask that you write down your 12-word Backup Phrase in the exact sequence before you exit your wallet as your funds and private key are tied to your unique Backup Phrase. Your 12-word Backup Phrase allows you to restore your wallet and regain access to your funds at any time on any device that supports Lumi wallet. After switching the wallet, you will not have any other way to access your funds except the 12-word backup phrase.

In the unlikely event that Lumi, as a company, is no longer around, you may also use your 12-word phrase to transfer your existing funds in Lumi to a similar wallet service that utilizes the mnemonic system and has the same derivation path.

I lost access to my wallet, and did not write down my Backup Phrase. Can I get my wallet back?

If you did not import your Lumi wallet on any other device and you did not save a copy of your Backup Phrase, you have lost access to your wallet. This is why we prompt you to back up your wallet.

I forgot my PIN, what can I do?

If you know your Backup Phrase, you can delete Lumi application and download it again. Than in newly downloaded app you import your mnemonic and create new PIN code. If you haven’t written down your 12-word mnemonic, unfortunately, you lose an access to your funds.

How can I view my private keys?

Right now, we do not show private keys in the application. But you can always use your mnemonic phrase that can be used to recover your wallet.

General questions

What is Lumi Lite?

Lumi Lite is a previous version of our wallet. It is not HD. We could not release Lumi as a next version of Lumi Lite due to different wallet structure. In order not to make trouble to those who already used Lumi Lite we launched a separate application. We recommend Lumi Lite users to use our new Lumi application as it is even more private and secure because it generates new addresses each time you receive or send funds, it is harder to track your transactions, keeping your financial business yours./

I used Lumi Lite but prefer to use Lumi. How to switch?

Lumi Lite version doesn’t support BIP-32 and BIP-44, that is why you cannot import your Lumi Lite mnemonic to Lumi. We advise you simply download new Lumi HD version and transfer your funds to newly created HD wallet.

Why does Lumi mobile app require no registration?

There is no need for any personal information such as names, emails, and phone numbers due to the fact that we do not keep any users’ information, including their private keys. The only thing you must know is you 12 words Backup Phrase. We never know them because they are created locally on your device and never sent outside of it. The Backup Phrase allows you to restore your wallet on any other device at any time. Even if Lumi, as a company, doesn’t exist you will be able to restore your wallet in any other wallet based on the same technology.

What is Lumi collectibles?

It is a wallet for ERC-721 tokens such as Cryptokitties, BlockchainCuties and thousands more. This wallet is going to solve the problem of collectibles storage. Now most collectibles are held in Metamask. It has only a web interface. Lumi is going to present smoothly designed digital app for such collectibles. For now you can leave your email and stay tuned the news.

Fees and transactions

What do fees mean? Who I pay to?

Every time you send transaction in BTC, BCH, ETH or token network you need to pay the network fee. This fee goes to miners who confirm your transaction.

The size of the fee depends on the transaction difficulty and network load. If there are a lot of transactions at a particular moment in time, miners take first more expensive transactions and cheaper ones goes to the further blocks.

Therefore, higher fees guarantee faster confirmation.

What fee should I choose for Bitcoin transaction?

Lumi wallet provides you 4 options to choose from:

  1. Regular – takes about 2-24 hours, the amount depends on network current loading. It may vary from 10 satoshi to 250 satoshi per byte approximately.
  2. Fast - it might be expensive but you will get confirmations within an hour, costs depend on real-time network load.
  3. Cheap but takes time - 1-20 satoshi per byte, that is close to minimum but we do not advise you to use it because it may take days or weeks to be confirmed or it may be even rejected by the network.
  4. Custom amount - you can input the whole amount of fee in satoshi. We do not recommend you to do it if you are beginner but for advanced users it might be very useful.

Can I cancel my transaction?

Lumi is a client-side wallet and if your transaction was sent to blockchain and you see it on block explorers it means that it is waiting for a confirmation and cannot be cancelled.

How long a transaction can be pending?

Different transactions require different amounts of time. It depends on a fee. The higher fee the higher speed of transaction confirmation.

Questions on WEB Interface

What is Wallet ID? How can I get it?

A Wallet ID is a string of letters and numbers. Wallet ID is the one way to enter your wallet. We send you your wallet ID when you sign up new wallet. We recommend you keep it secure.

Can I have two or more wallets?

You can have two or even more wallets inside Lumi. However, you should register all of them on one email address.

If I have another wallet can I import it to Lumi?

You can import your existing wallet if it meets the BIP 44 derivation standard. For example you can import your Jaxx or Blockchain.info wallet. Tap “Import a wallet” and enter your mnemonic phrase to enter your existing wallet in Lumi.

What password should I enter in web version?

You should use your password that you created when you signed up

What should I do if i forgot my password?

In case you forgot your password you can login with your mnemonic phrase. Tap the link “login with your mnemonic phrase” and fill the gaps in right order.

Why I cannot sign up?

There are several reason of such problem. 1. You have already registered with this email address. In this case try to enter your existing account with your wallet ID was sent at your email. 2. The password you create is easy. Remember it should contain symbols, numbers and capital letters.

Why I cannot log in?

There are several reasons of such problem.

  • 1. You forgot your password and try to enter the wrong one. Recover your account with your mnemonic phrase. And then change the password.
  • 2. You try to log in with your email address instead of Wallet ID. Enter your correct Wallet ID you receive when registering.

Why I cannot recover my account with Mnemonic phrase?

Please, check whether you write down all words in right order. Mind the numbers in each line.

How can I receive coins in web interface?

Just tap “Receive” and you will get your QR-code to receive coins. Or copy your address to send it to a sender.

How can I send coins in web interface?

Tap “Send” and enter receiver wallet address. Then choose the amount you want to send in some coin/token or USD. Next step is adding a fee. Choose between recommended amounts. Then check all the details and press “Confirm”. Pay attention! Crypto Assets transactions cannot be canceled or taken back. Double check for accuracy before confirming!

Where can I see my transaction history?

You can see all your transactions and details about them in tab “Activity”.

How can I make sure my account security?

  1. You can log in your account only with your Wallet ID sent at your email.
  2. You get notification at your email each time you log in.
  3. You can set up a 2-step verification
  4. Backup helps you to enter an account if you forget your wallet ID.

How can I change my email or password?

If you want to change your email or password you can go to settings and choose option “Change email” or “Change password”. Then enter a new one and press “Confirm”.

Can I delete my account in web interface?

In order to delete your account you need to write your request to our support. Then we will consider it.

I imported my wallet but don’t see my balance. Why?

The reason is the discrepancy of derivation standard. Beware that your imported mnemonic will open your wallet correctly if it meets the BIP 44 derivation standard path.

Questions on Exchange

What can I exchange on Lumi?

You can exchange all the tokens and coins supported both by Lumi and Changelly.

How can I exchange some crypto to another one?

You can do it in just three steps:

  1. Choose the coin or token you want to exchange from.
  2. Then choose the coin or token you want to exchange to.
  3. Enter the necessary amount and check all the details and tap “Confirm”.

Then wait when outgoing transaction will have 3 or more confirmation. After these confirmations you will get you exchanged funds.

How much does Lumi charge for exchange?

Lumi charges only 1% to exchange your funds.

Why I cannot exchange tokens?

Lumi allows you to exchange any token supported both by Lumi and Changelly. There are several reasons why you cannot exchange tokens.

  1. You need to add your tokens into Lumi. Tap “Wallets” then tap “+” and choose necessary tokens. After these steps you will be able to exchange both coins and tokens.
  2. Check if your have enough ETH on your balance to pay the fee.
  3. Sometimes Changelly to not let to change certain coins or tokens due to its low trading volumes.