“ We are here 
to lower entry 
barriers to crypto 
“ We are here 
to lower entry barriers
to crypto 
Diana Furman, Lumi Wallet CEO
Lumi Wallet aims to build a functional products for crypto users, that will provide fulfilling and versatile experience in the world of rapidly developing global financial systems.
We believe, that by developing an intuitive and versatile products we help to ease entry barriers to crypto for users and bring the mass adoption of new financial instruments closer.
Safe and easy way to access crypto
Lumi Wallet
IOS, Android & Web app for crypto
Lumi wallet was made to meet the demands of both beginner and advanced users, it combines a high level of security and complete anonymity together with a simple, yet eye-catching interface.
Lumi Collect
IOS & Android app for collectibles
  • Store and manage ERC-721 tokens
  • Display all in-game items in one app
  • Play the games directly on mobile device due to the use of our in-app browser
Towards the future of global finance
Towards the future 
of global finance
We already implemented versatile functionality and major crypto standards in our ecosystem. And we continue to expand the set of tools and currencies available for our users.
Lumi thrives on talent
Lumi thrives
on talent
Lumi is for ones who learn and grow, solving fascinating puzzles of emerging technology every day. If you want to find a worthy challenge for your skills or kickstart your career in blockchain - Lumi is the place to go.
Flexible schedule
Stocked kitchen
Crypto bonus
Awesome benefits

Senior IOS Engineer

We are seeking for a highly motivated and skilled a Senior iOS engineer to join our team. Our engeneering team is working on a high-quality software that empowers users to become a part of the new financial system. We are looking for a skilled iOS Developer who: has objective-C experience 2y+, Swift experience 2y+ does iOS custom transition & custom animation understands technical English What you will do: write well-tested, reliable code work on the most interesting and challenging problems in the cryptocurrency space work on an industry-leading product with thousands of users Contact us via hello@lumiwallet.com, attach your resume and tell us couple of words about your experience. We wiil be glad to hear from you.

Security Engineer

We are looking for an experienced Security Engineer to join our team. We need you to conduct internal penetration testing security and direct remediation efforts across all Lumi's products. You will busy with develop security guidance for projects and technologies, execute operational and organizational security and improve the secure software development lifecycle practices across our engineering team.

Product Designer

We are looking for an experienced Product Designer to join our team. Build and grow an industry-leading brand, work with other designers and bring your own innovative designs to life. You will collaborate closely with engineers, analysts, marketers, and other cross-functional team members to design the best experience for our users. We are waiting that you have experience in designing for web and mobile and clearly understanding the technical limitations of different platforms.

Customer Success Associate

We are looking for a Customer Success Associater, who will be responsible for maintaining and managing customer relationships and expectations. Your work will include reading, prioritising and responding to customer queries via live chat, emails, phone calls and social media posts.